What is the Satta Ka Number 2022

The data ka number is the number one tool in the traditional Math of Tamil. It is a series of data pausing of the fingers between the palms to make eight right angled incisions in the space between the thumb and index finger, this is called data ka. In other words the satta ka is the Math object used in doing sums. The satta satti has been in existence for almost a thousand years.

The data ka is an integral part of all traditional Tamil taught in the schools. In fact they are much more difficult than the problems that are asked in Modern Mathematics. There are many satta king up kosa in circulation that are successfully used by the students. One of them is the satta ka number one, which is a kind of sattva where one needs to count from one to twenty with the help of the satta pausing without pausing the fingers between the palms. This satta is called sattvaidya state in Tamil.

There are many sattvas that need to be understood very well in order to understand the mathematical concepts. In fact they are so difficult that only an expert like a Brahmin should try to solve them. Many people have succeeded in solving some sattvaidya state using the modern methods, for example Mr. V. Sudhakar Murthy in Chennai has successfully solved more than 900 sattvas. The numbers that he has solved are almost similar to those that are given in the books of Ramayana and Mahabharata.

If we consider Mr. V. Murthy’s sattvaidya state, we will find out that it is almost the same as that of Ramayana. Similarly in the case of Mr. Sudhakar Murthy we will find that it is almost the same as that of Mahabharata. The problem that needs to be solved here is that of calculation. This problem was also faced by our math teachers when they were teaching us mathematics.

The main idea of sattvasutras is to calculate the series of sattvas. It is a very useful concept and many students are able to solve this problem by solving the series of sattvas in a very short time. Another interesting thing that can be noticed here is that sattvaidyas are usually used in a traditional setting. This means that while you will be using sattvaidya state for teaching mathematics to younger students, it will not be much helpful to them if they are using sattvasutras that are older.

As you can notice from the above discussion, the satta ka number is very important. You will need to be very careful with your calculations when you apply satta ka number. You should remember that many of your calculations can go wrong if you are not careful with them. Once you get the hang of data ka number you will definitely find it a very useful concept. You will definitely find it easier to solve all kinds of problems by using data ka.

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