What Are Satta Numbers?

The state number is a one of a kind card that contains a person’s birth information along with other personal and private data. This number is considered the most important public record of a Filipino. The satta number usually contains the following information: name, birth date, current or past names, parents’ names, birth dates, occupations, nationality, SSN, passport, drivers license, age, date of birth, place of birth, mother’s maiden name, father’s full name, Social Security Number, passport photos, school records, military record, death records, inmate records, police record, death notices, obituary records, obituary receipts, death certificate, cemetery records, death records, marriage records, and family tree. This list is a compilation of all the important data that are usually included in any satta that has been issued. The number has its origin in the Philippines where it was used as a documentary proof of a Filipino’s date of birth.

The satta king 786 get play bazaar number, unlike other identification cards, does not only contain personal information but also corporate and government records. Most of these cards carry a photograph but the data card is different. It is made from a thin piece of plastic or glass called sari that contains a magnetic strip or metal core. This magnetic strip on the data card is detached from the card before it is given to an individual.

The satti number card has two main uses. Firstly, it is a piece of ID or identification card that contains personal information about an individual. Secondly, it acts as a security device for people who are carrying firearms. Because it contains so much personal information, the card has to be tamper-proof. For this purpose, manufacturers of security cards to make sure that it contains metal strips with holes on both sides.

The data cards are relatively easy to make. There are many designs available online or in traditional card shops in the Philippines. The size of the data card generally ranges from four to seven inches and the number of cards in a group can range from three to nine. It is made from a transparent plastic material but there are some made from paper as well.

The data has been used in the Philippines since the time of the British. It was even used during World War II as a security card. Nowadays, they are still being used for that purpose. However, they are no longer the only use. Many companies have seen the advantages of using them as well.

These days, cards containing data number are often used for other purposes. The reason is that they are very convenient to carry. It is also water-resistant and can be wiped clean when exposed to moisture. Satta cards are made by manufacturers especially for those who do not have ample time to craft their own identification cards. This makes the state one of the most sought after ID cards in the Philippines.

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