Predictions of Raja Sawai From an Email Protected Guru

I’m going to start by giving you the definitions of the Satta Gali Palace in Bali, Indonesia. The Palace was built around 1200 AD in honor of a Hindu god and his wife. The architect was Raja Sawai Majayah, a famous teacher of Suka (autical weaving) who also became the father of two daughters. In the center of the Palace is the Satta Gali, the sacred temple where the couple has their wedding ceremony

There is no way to know exactly what happened next. It’s believed that the queen died shortly after their marriage due to an illness, which killed her husband and brought disarray to the kingdom. Sawai was buried with his daughter at Satta Gali, together with the remains of the queen’s husband. It is said that the king was not really happy with the satta result, but it may be because he had been buried with his daughter and didn’t want to miss having a data result from their union.

How can we trust the expert vip top guesser email protected gmail account to give us accurate predictions like this one? Well, firstly we have to know that Raja Sawai died around this time, so the likely location of the Satta Gali can easily be pinpointed. Also we should know that in Mumbadevi it is tradition to bury the dead with their head facing South. This means Raja Sawai would have to be buried facing South when he died. And since the Palace was built around this area, it stands to reason that the dead would have been buried here.

We can’t make any definite scientific claims about this prediction because there simply isn’t enough historical evidence to suggest where he was buried. But we can say that the satta gali is highly unlikely to be in the exact site of the King’s Palace today. The other highly unlikely but conceivable option is that he was executed right in front of the Palace. In this scenario, the expert vip top guru email protected gmail guesser email system can make a very accurate prediction that the future of Raja Sawai is being predicted right now. This can all be applied to deciphering the final predictions of Rama in his 20th year prediction.

This prediction is also an important part of the ongoing “Raja Trials” mystery that Raja has been enveloped within. The Raja trial started two years ago today with the release of the book called Kings & Conquerors. In this book, the mystery surrounding Raja’s murder was solved. Was he executed for real or was he supposedly executed on the orders of his killer, Mumtaz Dharani?

Whatever the scenario, the satta gali can be safely concluded that the prediction is accurate. It is quite possible that Raja Sawai will be depicted as a sage by 20th century experts who have accurately depicted his life. Even the future of India is being predicted through the satta gali. It can be safely concluded that the prediction is correct and the satta all emails are predicting the exact moment in which Raja Sawai will be declaring the “Sadhana”.

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